Difference between old and new Windows 7?

Hey guys :) So yeah, this is pretty straight forward, what on earth is the difference between the older and newer versions of Windows 7? Shedding any light on this matter would be greatly appreciated :)
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  1. what do you mean older and newer versions of windows 7

    there is no differnece

    unless you mean rc which is a release candadete which isnt a full version of windows
  2. There is no such thing as new and old windows 7 !
  3. I think the cheaper version is OEM (Hence only 64-bit) and the more expensive version is the retail box (64-bit and 32-bit). There are some other limitations with OEM, like after you install it on your computer, you aren't supposed to uninstall it and move it to different computer (I believe).
  4. And with OEM there is no Microsoft support !
  5. The cheaper one is oem, the difference is the oem you cannot call MS and get free support if you need it. That is the only difference.

    Buy a technet subscription and you can get Windows all versions and office all versions as well as most other software made by MS for $199. The keys never expire.
  6. Oh I see, well I don't need their support :D Thanks for the help everyone!
  7. OK Good luck !
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