Not getting sound..

Just finished building my computer. I didn't get a sound card so I am using onboard sound on my Gigabyte DS3 MB, but it isn't working. The speaker is connected, but I don't know about internally. I connected the HD Audio wire from the front panel, but I think that is all I did.
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  2. Quote:
    I connected the HD Audio wire from the front panel
    Disconnect the HD audio wire from the front panel and test. Also, if you have a set of headphone or headset check the audio output that way with the speakers disconnected.
  3. I'm not familiar with that motherboard but I'm assuming that you made the correct pin connections from the front panel audio of the case to the motherboard?
  4. im pretty sure.
  5. Do you have the OS installed yet?
  6. what case are you using? also what do you have connected to the front panel? is it speakers or a headset?

    Just so you know, the speakers on atx desktop computers are not meant for use as real speakers... they are only for error beep codes or for the single POST beep code. They will not usually run sound from WMP or games... (sorry if this is obvious).

    There are separate pins, the case speaker pins are near the power, led, hdd activity led... etc near the front bottom of the motherboard (this is for the case speaker i reference above). The audio pins to use the front panel audio jacks are right behind the back panel connectors to the left of the motherboard.
  7. speakers on front panel, using a cooler master centurion 5 case.

    there is alot of beeping going on and it is really loud and annoying.
  8. OS is installed, yes.
  9. Please be more specific, is the connection you made with the "front panel" (I need to know whether this leads to an actual small speaker or to a audio jack). Did you connect the speaker to the pins beside the power, reset and led pins (at the bottom right of the motherboard) or the pins at the back left of the motherboard. How many pins were there?

    IF this is to an actual speaker and not the audio and mic jacks of the case then it is supposed to beep....
  10. Sorry for the lack of detail. The yellow wire with 4 pins labeled SPEAKER is attached to the port at the bottom right of my motherboard. It is next to Power Switch and Reset Switch and etc.

    Also, the HD Audio wire is plugged in.

    I am still not getting sound.
  11. Then I've already told you your problem. The speaker that comes with a case is only meant for system information not to use for as a "speaker" for music, games... etc. This is a tiny speaker that beeps to tell you error codes for POST or the single beep to say you've passed POST or errors that happen with windows... etc.

    When you say HD, is this High Definition or Hard Drive? Or even the optical drive?

    At this point go out and buy some speakers, a cheap set of 2.1 will only cost $30 or so. Plug them into the speaker ports at the back of the computer.
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