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I installed Windows 7 to a brand new hdd out the box, install went great and had 0 issues. When I did the install I left the other hdd hooked up and I am able to "boot into a older version of windows", W7, etc... when I remove the original hdd, and try to boot from the new drive with w7 installed, it gives me an error ("reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key") otherwise with both hdd's hooked up it boots with no problems.

System specs :

Processor - Intel Q9550 @stock speeds
Ram - OCZ DDR2-800 2x2gb (4Gb)
HDD - (New) - Western Digital Caviar Black 1tb (Original) - Samsung - Samsung SP2504C
GfX - 8800 gts 512
Mobo - Asus P5Q SE2

My guess is that I will have to remove the original HDD, and then do another fresh install of W7 on the new drive, however I was wondering if there was something I could do to avoid another install (just got it all set up haha). I have tried setting the boot order to disc drive, hdd... then hdd, disc drive, neither works I get the same error unless I have the original drive hooked up.

Also, a small issue regarding text about 4 inches in on all sides of the screen, they start to blur and get more blurred the closer to the edge they are, did auto adjustment on the monitior and there is no difference.
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  1. When you removed the original drive (the one with the older OS) you also removed the boot manager with it.

    If you want to use the new drive only, please boot to your Win 7 DVD, select "Install", and on the next screen, choose the 'Repair' option in the lower left. Let it run... OK.. Accept... Accept... Restart

    Doing that will create/restore the proper boot manager on the new hard drive.
  2. Stupid questions are un-asked right? Should I disconnect the old drive before doing "Repair" ?

    btw thanks for the speedy response^^
  3. You should put the computer in it's intended configuration, and set it up to run that way.

    So if you intend on leaving it with just the new one, then yes, please disconnect the old hard drive and run the repair. If you intend in running it with both, then leave it that way.
  4. This was a mis assumption on your part ... you believed Microsoft. :)

    Windows has never had an option to install an OS on a different drive or partition. There is an option to install "most of the OS" on a different drive or partition. The boot files for both OS's are on the older HD.

    Put one HD in at a time, boot with the OS CD/DVD as appropriate for the OS installed on that HD and run the repair option.

    Once both are fixed, connect both HD's and select what HD you want to boot from via the Boot priority section of your BIOS.
  5. Ok I'll try that and report back when I get the chance. Thanks for your help I'll keep you posted.
  6. Ok I'm a bit confused on the repair part... When I boot from disc (which btw is a OEM) it starts up with the select language time etc window so I hit next it brings up the install windows screen where I proceed to click repair. After doing so it brings me to a new screen that says.

    "system repair options, use recovery tools that can help fix problems starting windows. Select an operating system to repair.

    If your operating system isn't listed, click load drivers and then install drivers for your hard disks."

    in the box there is no operating system to choose ( which after typing this it clicked in my head that it might be drivers for my hdd.... Gj me!) ****EDIT**** Was unable to find drivers for Windows 7, so... irrelevant? ****EDIT****

    then it says "restore your computer using a system image that you created earlier"

    I select use recovery tools and hit next.... It runs the repair and says "if the problem is not fixed it will run again to try to fix the problem.

    I reboot and it gives me the same error... The error persists if I take out the disc and choose to boot from the HD.
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