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I just recently bought two silenx fans rated at 14db with an output of 72CFM.

Because they put out so much air and run at a fast 1300rpm they make a lot of "wind" noise.

I don't really need all of this extra cooling power, I just wanted quiet fans.

Too remedy these windy fans, I downloaded Speedfan. I cannot however figure out how to lower the rpm's of the fans (they are plugged via 3pin into the motherboard).

Does anyone know how I can lower the speed of the fans and if not, are there any other programs I can use to adjust fan speed.

Thank you
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  1. Is there no fan speed adjustment in the BIOS? I have never crawled around in a P5W BIOS before.
  2. If you cant control fan speed with your motherboard the other free method is the 7volt fan mod, your fans should be quiet at 7volt and silent at 5volts.
  3. yea theres a program out i use called SpeedFan. go to the site and download the latest version.
  4. Quote:
    yea theres a program out i use called SpeedFan. go to the site and download the latest version.

    ^ thanks there buddy, but sadly he already stated he uses that. :roll:
  5. Go into the options/advanced screen and use the pull downs to select "something" on the third or fourth tab. Then you have access to speeds. Sorry I can't remember what it was. Don't really want to install it again to find out...

    Word of caution: SpeedFan is iffy with some sytems. Like my decent HP a1330e. Weird things started to happen...random 100% all fans, could not alter this speed until restart etc.


  6. You might be better off using a fan controller which will manually control the voltage to the fans with a dial.
    This one is under $30, can control multiple fans with each channel (up to 18amps per channel) and can turn it from off to full power. Also comes with two ccd lights and light controller.
  7. I couldn't get speedfan to work, not sure why.

    But I went to Newegg and got the 5.25 bay version of the one you linked me to. It was 12 bucks, came with 2 cold cathodes, and it is coming today!

    I would have gotten the 3.5 bay version that you listed, but my case has a door and it would not close with those knobes sticking out.

    Thanks for the Help All

    *I will let you know how the fan controller works!*
  8. My copy of speedfan spins my fans up and down just fine. It even turns two of them off when not needed.

    First you need to calibrate it by setting the offsets for the fan rpm and temperature sensors. Once you have it reading the sensors correctly,
    You need to associate a fan with a temperatuire sensor, then in the "speeds" section, set the max and min fan rpm. Lastly, on the main screen, click "Automatic Fan Control"
  9. Well then, its very likely I did not configure SpeedFan correctly. Thanks for the advice.
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