This 'simple network' won't work :( Please Help

I went to my factory to set up the GPRS connection yesterday, this part was good. But when i tried to share this network to other computers through a wireless router, i had problem. If you guys have experience setting up a similar network (what i mean here is 'this computer connects to the internet directly, and other computers connect to the internet through this computer'), could you share it with me pls?

Here's what i have in the computer that i use to initiate GPRS connection:
- A computer with a PCI-2-PCMCIA adapter card so that the GPRS modem card can plug in to the computer
- an onboard LAN card (RealTek) which i will use to share the GPRS connection and connect to a wireless router, and then the router futher splits the GPRS connection to other two computers.

do they make sense to you? tell me if you have problem understanding it. Please help me in this setting. Many thanks!
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  1. setup is GPRS -> PC (PCMCI) ->nic to Router and Router to clients (wired and wireless), are you connecting in to the wan side or lan side?

    The problem you are having is on the Realtec NIC IP address. The Wan is looking for a dhcp server. I think it will work if you conect through the lan side. I'm not sure you can connect through the WAN, may work with a static IP. May need a crossover cable if your router wan is not auto switching.
  2. The WAN side is good, as the computer can use the GPRS to connect to the internet. Now, the problem is with the LAN side, which i need to split the GPRS connection to other computers.

    I think yes, the problem should be with the IP address of the RealTek NIC and the DHCP at the Wireless Router. Please refer to the screenshot at:

    What do you think i should use for the cable from the NIC to the Wireless router? cross-over or twisted pair?

    Please help me. Thanks in advance!
  3. You realtec nic usely connects to the lan side of a router. Connecting to the wan port will not work unless you are running server/router/firewall software. I think this need to be the case inorder for MS to share a connection. It requires a switch ot hub. Then you will need to do a static or alt dns and gat setup.

    If you connect to the WAN (router) side it want be able to get a IP.
  4. so you meant, in my network, a wireless router won't work, am i right?

    is that i must use either hub or switch to get it work? or can i use a wireless access point? if i use wireless access point, how do i configure in the sharing part? an wireless access point can support how many computers simultaneously?

    why i insist to use the wireless is because my boss told me to.

    anyway, is there any wireless switch available at the market place? hmm.....

    please help me. thanks!
  5. You can use your wireless router but you must connect it as a hub/switch (lan) in order to share your GPRS. The trick is setting up the WAN port to communicate with the NIC. I don't think this can be done, but try.

    To see if you can connect through the WAN.
    Config GPRS pc NIC for a static IP. Set the router up to use that Static IP, enter gateway and dns info ( will have to do this with a second pc, can not configure the router through a WAN port till remote access is setup). Activate Internet sharing. Connect a second PC to one of the lan ports. Should pull all info (ip,gat,dns), test. First see if you can ping the GPRS pc, then the outside world. If you need to have 2way unrstricted access you will have to deactivate the Firewall in the router.
    GPRS -> PCMCI -> NIC -> WAN then the rest connects to the router LAN.
    Your GPRS IP should be Public, where the NIC is private.

    If that doesn't work, option 2. Use the Router as a Hub. (NO WAN connection).

    Set the GPRS PC's nic up for dhcp. connect to router (lan). Here is where the unknows come in. Enter alt DNS and GAT info into the port config. Since the WAN is not being used this is required. Now try to ping the GPRS PC, then the outside world.
    GPRS -> PCMCI -> NIC -> LAN then the rest connects to the routers LAN

    Wireless connections. Most can not handle very may users. You are sharing a 54mbps - overhead by all wireless users, = More users the slower it gets. It applys to all wireless connection AP or router.
  6. hi there, thanks for the inputs.

    i went to my factory and tried again, and i failed again :(

    here's another screenshot to the admin page of the router

    please refer to the thread above for the NIC that will be used to split the GPRS connection to the router.

    here's what i've tried:-
    1. i tried to use the 'Automatic Configuration -DHCP' in 'Internet Connection Type', i couldn't split the connection i think that's because the conflicts between the router's ip address ( and the nic's ip address (

    2. i tried to change to 'Static IP' in Internet Connection Type. It asked me to enter IP address, subnet mask, Gateway, and DNS. I tried to affixed the router to the NIC card by entering, which is the IP address of the NIC card, and a message pop'ed up 'Please enter valid DNS', and then i stopped, because i don't what i should enter as the DNS.

    my questions here:
    1. do i need to set the DNS to the NIC by my self? if so, is that any numbers will do? Or, i have to enter the DNS that i would get when i initiated the GPRS connection?
    2. i have another problem with a network printer, it's a Lexmark E120 Mono Laser printer. i tried to share this printer over the LAN, i've turned on the file & printer sharing function on the computer, but when i tried to add a printer from another printer through network, i could see the computers in the network, but i just couldn't see the printer that's installed underneath the computer. i really have no idea of what's wrong with that :(

    please help me. thanks in advance!
  7. DNS, GAT info needs to be the GRPS values.

    I think you need the subnets need to be the same. (posted, . Seperate your lans by using different ranges. I have DHCP's in one range, wireless in another, and printer & NAS mixed in with static's. With all in the same subnet and group makes life easier.

    On the printer you have to select it and make it shared.

    You may need to reboot after making changes, to clear out buffers. Once up start up the computers down stream.

    I'm running out of things to check.
  8. so, what do you recommend me in setting the router's Connection Type, to 'Static IP' or to 'DHCP'?

    if sets to Static IP, the ip address will be the from the NIC of the GPRS computer, right? And the GAT and DNS will set to the information of the GPRS connection, right?

    for the option #2 you've recommended:-
    GPRS -> PCMCI -> NIC -> LAN then the rest connects to the routers LAN
    if i choose to use this type of connection,
    1. how do i use the router as a hub? as i know in a hub, there's a 'uplink' port at the back.
    2. how do i turn on the dhcp for the NIC in the GPRS PC (i've forgot how to do it :))?

    as of the network printer. i've already shared the printer in the destination computer, but when i tried to add the network printer in the client computer, though i could see the computers within the network, i just couldn't see the network printer installed underneath the destination computer. that looked really weird to me. i think i have to check it with the manufacturer.

    thanks for the help again, and i look forward to hear from you soon.
  9. Yes to the static setup as stated.

    To make the router act like a hub:

    Some have a flag they can set. Most when you turn off DHCP in the lan makes it a dumb switch or hub. and clear the wan port settings, static.

    You DHCP in the pc will be under the port conncetion properties, tcip properties.
  10. thanks for the prompt response!

    i just got the latest update from my colleague in factory, here's something interesting they've experienced :lol:

    current setting:
    GPRS connection affixed to a computer with on-board NIC-> connecting to the WAN port of Linksys Wireless Router WRT54G-> shared the connection to other PCs through Wireless PCI cards

    current situation:
    my colleague told me that there are two computers able to use the 'shared GPRS' connection yesterday, but not able to use the connection today. he told me that they were able to use the shared GPRS when the signal for the GPRS was around 80%, and not able to use it when the signal dropped to 40%+. though, i think the GPRS signal strength should not have anything to do with the shared connection, am i right? what do you think?
  11. I thought you tried that and it didn't work. It may be the static setting are working as long as your GPRS is up. Well it apears you are on the right track.
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