Why do you stop the Simplified Chinese version of tom's hardware site

Hi There:

Good day!
I'm a big fan of the Tom's hardware.
As i know, tom's hardware is one of the most professional hardware testing site all over the world.
We can get very professional hardware information from there.

There are many fans in China also. And China is a very big country and has a very big market.
But you stopped the Simplified Chinese version of the tom's hardware site in 2009.

I don't know why.
I think it is not very difficult to translate the English to Chinese.
Just employ some full-time or part-time editors and it will work...

Even i can do that also...


Thanks and Best Regards.

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  1. This was probably a business decision based on the demand (or lack thereof) for the site's content in Chinese. I do know that from a forum community standpoint, a considerable amount of our Chinese traffic is undesirable spam. Our moderators and I have quite a time keeping up with it all.
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