Does 1024mbDual channel > 1512mb Single channel ?


I have 2x 512 memory modules on dual channel(ddr400).

512(o) x 512(o) x

x - free slot, o - old memory module

Got 1x512 module of ddr400.

now it's

512(o) 512(o) 512(n) x

(n) - new module

My question is that if this is better ? I know it's a bit slower but it should be better performance right ?

Should I stay 1512mb of ram single channel or go back to 1024mb dual channel.

ps. I don`t got the dollars for another 512 module ;)
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  1. Dual channel gives you only about 5% increase in memory performance, its invisible for real world performance. Using all your modules will definetely grant you the most performance.
  2. It really depends on your processor/chipset. In general, like dario said, it's probably better under Windows to have 1.5GB RAM, but you will need to test both configurations yourself for the programs you are using.
  3. Definitely go for the three 512mb dimms. Check start up times, loading and page file usage.
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