Help Me Choose Micro Mobo for AM2

I have two boards that im having trouble desiding on, can i have your input on wich one of these boards is better. And pleas stay on topic.
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  1. For what application? (workstation, gaming, HTPC, NAS, etc)
  2. Mostly for gaming but i will be programing alot of things on this comp as well. I use Photoshop, powerpoint, exel, openoffice, Network Visualizer, Router Esim, Packet tracer, and DivX alot. And once and a while i configur cisco routers.
  3. i would buy this one:

    It's from ASUS and uses the same chipset as the MSI one and it is even cheaper! If you still want the MSI one, get it from NCIX, they have a 8$ discount which brings it to 98$.

    Or even better, get this ECS one. It's cheap, still based on nvidia chipsets and if you read the customer reviews, this board is great!

    Edit: BTW, you need to create an account and sign in to see the special prices, for example the ECS one is at 68$ but if you're an outsider you see it at 76$.
  4. Exhaustive list. I had my share of Cisco config as well a few years back, ethereal is your best friend.

    Since you'll be gaming, no sense in getting the one with the built-in video, since you'll be buying a more powerful card anyway. Be aware that the realtec 883 codec on both boards sucks big time. On a basic, cheap, 2 speaker stereo setup it may sound ok, but if you try to use a quality 5.1 or above speaker system you'll notice lots of background noise and hissing. The HD codecs are passable, but the ones they call "High Quality", basically a marketing stunt to trick you into thinking it's HD, are really bad.

    Other than that, I dont see any major reason to go with one over the other. I assume the main reason you're going AMD is to make a cheaper system (with a 100$ single-core athlon) ? Otherwise there's better value on the market right now.
  5. base on the great reviews I've read, I would really prefer ABIT NF-M2. I has great potential for overclocking, BIOS contains almost everything you need for OCing. And it cost only $90
  6. nF-M2 nView (not M2P or M2S)
  7. huh, what about it? :?
  8. Personally, I'm a fan of the Gigabyte board. Since the feature sets/prices are very similar, I personally would go with the Gigabyte due to the manufacturer's willingness to help in the case of problems. I have had to deal with both companies in the past, and the Gigabyte was definitely easier to deal with, and MSI definitely didn't want to help me with my warranty claim.

    The MSI does have VGA/DVI outputs built in though, if that matters to you.
  9. I like the look of the Abit mentioned above - they've even stuck a heatpipe on it.
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