I need software vocal and music seperator for mp3 musicvideo

i want to seperate vocal and music any who know this software
it is for mp3 and music video

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  1. not possible. theres software that attempts to but it doesnt come out good.
  2. You can get software that cuts the frequencies usually filled by vocals if you want to cancel them out, but you can't extract individual tracks from a song without the master copy, which (I'm guessing!) you don't have.
  3. What is that software you are talking about ?
  4. Quote:
    What is that software you are talking about ?

    I think the Creative bundle has voice-cancelling in it; I've seen it on other cards too.
  5. You're better off finding out who wrote the music and seeing if you can get an instrumental copy somewhere. Even with professional equipment what you want to do can't be done.
  6. I just found it in my creative taskbar !

    Thanks :D
  7. If this is for vocal practise and you're serious about it, you could download a MIDI file and then real-ize it with some plugins and a sequencer so you can sing along.

    However if this is just to show the world on YouTube how f*cking fantastic you are then I wouldn't bother. Actually if it's for that, then just throw away your computer and cut off your internet connection. Trust me, you're doing yourself a favour.
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