Nec DVD 16x & Sony DVD Rom cannot burn files/clone disk

Have made a big mistake in buying this board. I can not get either my DVD ROM(Sony) or my Nec 18x DVD to n Files or clone a disk. I am using Roxio's Easy Version 6.0 and Ashampoo's burning suite latest version and am running MSN XP Media edition . I got some blue screens, 1 said my bios wern't ACPI compatible. I downloaded Intels Latest IFLash Bios
ut5ility which didn't seem to do anything. How can I get these DVD's to burn Software?
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  1. Tried looking for firmware updates for the NEC burner? What are the rest of your specs? More specifically, what model motherboard do you have?
  2. hi.
    are these drives dvd-rw or simple dvd-rom?
    maby the disk u trying to clone has a copy protection as a result u get the error and aren't able to copy it.
    were u able to burn anything on these drives?
    try some other media disks.
    or change blank media(if they are dvd-rw).
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