budget/mid-range need advice on RAM and other things :)

mo/bo Gigabyte 965P/ICH8R £100 ASUS P5W DH Deluxe £135
processor c2d e6300 £115 c2d e6300 £115
ram 1GB £0 £0
PSU Antec Basiq Power 500W £40 Hiper 580W Modular £60
Gcard Asus 7300GS 256MB £43 XFX 7600GT 256MB DDR3 £100

total £298 £420

fucking prices of things in this country compared to the US:/

i'm probably gonna get all of this stuff from www.Ebuyer.com, and probably not till around march of next year, so that means buying vista at yet more cost, but a bridge to be crossed when arrived at.

anyway, thats roughly what i'm looking at, i want to OC the CPU to a good standard...i read the guide for OCing the 6300 to 3GHz, that would be nice..but not essential. i'm having such a tough decision about RAM, though. Gcards i dont mind as long as they run RTS games for the next 2 years on a big monitor. if only i had a PCI-E card now:(

I've heard nothing bu good things about that gigabyte board, same for the Asus one, and theyre worth getting just for the sexy heat pipes:P

so what do you guys think about the RAM? its got to be OCable...and i'm only going for 1GB...so should i get 1GB stick...two 512MB sticks? 5400, 6400? 533, 667, 800?

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  1. Go for the gigabyte MB and the 500W power (u dont need more)
    Def go for the 7600GT if u want to play games.
    1 gig is a must 2 gig pref.
    How loong will it take before u get another 1gig if u go with 1gig?
    If its some weeks then go for one 1Gig stick and make sure u can get the same brand/type next.
    If its like 6month away go for 2*512
    Go for pc6400/800MHz pref with good timings ea 44412 or somthing like that (will get u ~500+MHz fsb)
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