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I have this case i currently have the 12CM fan in the rear set to exhaust, and the 8CM duct fan to intake. Other than the CPU fan and PSU's fan i have no other fan in the case. My 6300 with stock cooling OCed to 2.8 seems to be running a bit hot to me.

Should i have the 12CM fan blowing in instead of out? Also should i add an 8CM fan to the bottom front (there is a spot for it behind the bezel)? If so should it intake or exhaust? Should i also try to jerry rig another 8CM (or two) under the duct fan in the vent holes on the side panel, and if so intake or exhaust? Would any of these things help me lower my temps at all? Thanks in advance.
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  1. keep the back fan at exhaust, add a 120mm fant to the front and enlarge the side hole to replace the existing 80mm fan with a 120mm fan.
  2. generally the front of your case is intake and the back of your case is exhaust. keep that strategy in mind while placing fans in your case.
  3. If I had access to a Dremel, I would also add a top fan, but if that's not possible, a front fan like the Scythe Kama Bay will work nicely. That will help your case temps quite a bit.

    Also, you could replace your rear 120mm fan with a beast... say, the 220CFM Delta fan?

    That should be enough also =)
  4. Quote:
    My 6300 with stock cooling OCed to 2.8

    So, you have figured out how to increase your FSB from 266 to 400MHz - but you don't know about casefans and cooling? We're glad you have asked, heheh.
    1 word - convection!
    Hot air exhausts at rear and top; cool air flows in from bottom and front. This passive technique cools every television, CRT monitor and old stereo receiver etc. and also allows a hot water radiator to heat your home...
    Convection is very powerful (hot air rises). It drives all the weather patterns in the world.
    You should not fight convection by blowing air into the rear of your case and attempting to exhaust it out the front.
    I believe in strong exhaust fans, creating a negative pressure inside your case. This will cause cool air to stream into the case through every opening at the front/bottom of the case.
    Just one 50cfm 120mm exhaust fan will exchange 100% of your case air every ~6 seconds or so.
    Air inlets on the side of the case, over the CPU (an Intel P4 invention) or more recently over the vidcard(s), can act to sabotage the negative pressure and cool-air intake.
    It is for this reason that 80 or 92mm intake fans at the case front could be required to keep harddisk temps down.
    Summary - none of this has too much to do with your CPU temps.
    But your HDs could slowly be roasting medium-rare...
  5. Quote:
    Also, you could replace your rear 120mm fan with a beast... say, the 220CFM Delta fan?

    That should be enough also =)

    but it is only 65 dB... don't have anything louder?
  6. Quote:
    say, the 220CFM Delta fan?

    LoL, you gotta bolt your rig down to something to run that, don't you?
    Yes sounds like an airport anyway (even if your rig doesn't take right off).
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