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A while back I used to host a server for an mmorpg I'm making. I had to cancel my precious insightbb cabel internet for a while but now I've gotten Verizon DSL. I just went to reopen my server and people were telling me it was giving them an error saying the server was down. I double checked my IP at ipchicken.com and whatismyip.com and it was correct.

-I disabled windows firewall and the problem continued
-I restarted my PC and the problem continued
-I reset my firewall to defult settings and the problem continued
-I used "localhost" and it worked... but not for other players obviously
-I called verizon and they said there shouldn't be a problem
-I looked up my Westell 6100 modem and learned nothing
-The IP in my "local area connection" is but my actual IP is supposively
-double checked the port on both client and server was 1005 like it always was

I feel like ive tryed everything and for some reason, it seems like my IP isn't the IP players should be connecting to. I have Windows XP home sp2 if it matters & I do daily cleaning so I doubt it's my computer. I can serf the web, play online games, download/upload files...ect without problems.

Anybody know why my IP won't work?
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  1. You mentioned that you checked your IP at two web sites - I assume you checked it for your ISP IP address?

    Do you have anything between your modem and PC? Say a DSL home router?

    You mention firewall (not the Windows one), so it would help if you supplied us with that info.

    If you do have a home router, have you set it up to allow port forwarding?

    (pssst - a serf is a poor person from Medieval times :D)
  2. windows firewall is the only firewall I use anymore and as for a router... I noticed my DSL modem has a sticker on it that says DSL2+Router which confuses me cause it's only for 1 computer. Other then that, my computer is hooked directly to the modem and the modem to the wall. I use the ethernet cable to attach it to my comp instead of USB if that makes any difference...

    I even connected to a friends FTP server so he could see what IP it shows is browsing and it STILL showed just like the IP sites I went to.

    (*cough* serf is also what you do on the internet when you don't know where your going *cough* :lol: )
  3. That Westell 6100 is a router. You will need to forward the ports for your game server on it so the outside world can see it.
    Here is a guide I found for forwarding ports on a Westell 6100: Westell 6100 port forwarding
  4. Also, unless you bought a static IP from verizon your wan IP will probably change fairly frequently. If you own a domain name I'd put a client on your server to check the IP regularly and keep it updated with your dns service provider. If you dont have a domain name (and dont feel like paying for one) you can get a free one from places like dyndns.org. You will only get to choose the hostname though. It would be like: whateveryouwant.dyndns.org.

    Remembering a domain name is way easier than looking up/remembering an IP every time it changes :)
  5. aww soo close! thats the stuff I need to be messing with, I can see that... But I did all that and it still says my server is offline although it's open. PLZZZ continue to help me lol

    Port 1
    Protocol: TCP
    Global Port(s): 10070-10080
    Base Host Port: 10070

    is all of that correct? Why would it still show my server is down? I changed it's port to 10070 and my IP in the client to the one all the sites are saying it's my real one... I DO have a stadic IP btw.
  6. Are you sure it only uses TCP ports? Most games will only use TCP for connecting (if at all) and use UDP for the actual game play.
  7. no actually i'm not sure but I can't even get past the connection part so I'm doing TCP for now since it says STP when it's loading up.

    I called verison DSL and they basically told me they arn't alloud to help with port forwarding. DSL support sucks so i'm not really very surprized...

    ANYWAYS, I tryed about everything with the port forwarding screen with no luck too.
  8. If you want to make that westell act like just a modem you could put it in bridge mode. That would remove any need for port forwarding but would also remove the firewall abilities of that router. It is probably what you had before with the cable connection. Connecting the modem directly to a windows computer is definatly a security risk though if you have some firewall software on it the risk is slightly less.

    I'm not sure where the option is on that exact modem/router but there should be an option in there somewhere to put it in "bridge" mode. Then you would create your dsl connection on the computer instead of the westell. This would also make the wan IP get assigned to your computers network card.
  9. Ok I found the bridge stuff but it's completely confusing me... Heres some screenies of what I see...

    this is the main "bridge" screen. One is already activated for some reason and if I hit edit, it shows this...

    Any ideas on how it works?
  10. pleeeeeeease help... I gotta be getting close and this means alot to me.
  11. *bump*
    please? :?
  12. Sry, was away from my comp all day yesturday.
    On your second screen shot what happens if you change "routed bridge" to just bridge?
  13. i changed that and it had a weird effect. The last light on my modem didn't come back on meaning I lost my internet but the setup for it said my connection to the internet was still up except it didn't give options to renew or release.
  14. That sounds like it did the trick. After you choose that try making the dsl connection in windows instead of on the westell. You want the "create new connection" wizard in my network places.
    "connect to the internet"
    "setup my connection manually"
    "connect using a broadband connection that requires a username and password"
    (enter anything for ISP name, that is just to name the connection)
    Enter your username/pass for the connection

    That should do it.
  15. No luck, once I change my setting to just "bridged" it's like I lose all connection with the internet. I tryed doing what you said but it gives me an error saying the computer failed to respond. I also noticed when I do that, my westell shows a blank IP. I think I have to use the stadic IP i was givin which may have something to do with this not working...

    Gah this is alot of trouble. I hate verizon. :/
  16. Do you know if that service is PPPOE or PPPOA?
    If it is PPPOE and you dont mind shellin out $50 or so i'd just go out and get yourself a speedstream 5100 or 5200 modem and be done with it, lol. The 5100/5200 is also a modem/router but you choose bridge mode and it just works :)
    I've got a 5100 myself and it is by far the best dsl modem I've owned.
    If you dont want to mess with this router/modem combo stuff anymore try to get your hands on an old speedstream 5360. They are just plain modems and very nice. I had one for years and it never gave me any problems.

    That is one very nice thing about dsl, you can swap modems when ever you please :) no calling the cable isp to register a new modem.
  17. I'm not sure which I have... And no I can't afford to buy another modem. I'm kinda broke and we've been talking about telling off Verizon and getting something else anyways. I just hate how my internet works fine but they refuse to help me unblock everything else.
    There support is so worthless.
  18. I just came across this step by step guide for putting that 6100 in bridge mode:

    Hopefully that does something :)
  19. I'll try it but I know i'm gonna end up screwing something up that will make me lose my internet access lol. I'll edit/reply if it works.

    Cya on the other side! (hopefully)
  20. ya just as I thought, I lost my internet connection AND the ability to change my modem settings which left me totally stranded...

    I called Verizon again and the guy got me back online but he also tryed to help do the "bridge" thing and it didn't work. He told me he doubts the 6100 has the ability to bridge connections and basically told me I'd have to buy a different modem. Guess it's useless, sorry to take up all your time.
  21. Eh, handy to know that vorizon is putting out junk :)
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