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Just built a system today with an ATI X1959 Pro. Systems comes on but no video. There's power to the card, but nothing on the monitor. Tomorrow I can try a different card, but my question now is whether both the DVI connectors on the card are the same... should it matter which I connect to? And since I can't currently find my DVI cable, should using the supplied DVI-VGA adapter work on either of the card's DVI? (this is running through a KVM that I know works because I turned off a working machine to put this new on on the same cable.)
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  1. Is the system try to boot, or did it POST?

    And what are the other parts?
  2. Quote:
    Is the system try to boot, or did it POST?
    Don't actually have drives hooked up yet.... I need to configure the RAID in BIOS first I think....Can't tell about POST without seeing....
    And what are the other parts?
    e6600 CPU, Zallman 9500 fan, Gigabyte GA p965 S3 mb, 2 gig OCZ memory.

    I have another card I can try in the PCI express slot tomorrow. I just wasn't sure if it mattered which DVI connector on the back of the ATI card I should use, or if the DVI-VGA adapter should work...
  3. Quote:
    Gigabyte GA p965 S3 mb, 2 gig OCZ memory

    Most 965 mobos are picky about the RAM, especially OCZ.

    If I was you, I try a cheap DDR2 RAM stick to boot.

    I had same problem with OCZ, although it was like 5 months ago, it wouldn't POST. It happens with other memory brands also, mainly the ones which use more than 1.8V.
  4. Quote:
    Most 965 mobos are picky about the RAM, especially OCZ. If I was you, I try a cheap DDR2 RAM stick to boot..
    Now that you mention it, I do recall reading this during my research before I bought the CPU and MB. You mean if this is the problem it wouldn't GET as far as showing any video on the monitor?
  5. I'm also interested now: I have a 975XBX, E6600, X1900XTX and my PC suddenly does not want to boot anymore. I did a complete rebuild last thursday (cleaning the PC), and then reassembled everything. PC was fine until yesterday morning. Ii did not want to show anything, the screen just stays off.

    So, I fiddled and then it started. Shut down, restart and the same again - no post. I've replugged all power to mobo, gcard, memory (512x2 + 1 gig in dual channel - Corsair Value) in/out and the problem stays. Now and again, I get a post and windows starts. I play a game or something - no problem. But when I bump the case or fiddle with the power cables, it freezes and I struggle to boot up again (and everything is secure).

    I'm dumb struck with this..
  6. I just pulled the memory and now when I turn it on there's a series of non-stop beeps. Guess it isn't video, so I'll move my problem to another forum....
  7. I emailed OCZ and it seems to be one bad memory module. With only one stick in, it works OK. With only the other in, nothing happens. OCZ support was very quick and helpful. Now I'm waiting for an RMA. I thought this was GOOD memory!!!

    At least there's no video problem.
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