Tuniq Tower and Antec 900 experience?

I have read conflicting reviews of the tower fitting in the antec 900 case. Anybody have any experience with these products together?

Mobo is asus p5b deluxe.

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  1. well i would like to know the same thing lol. i think the measurements are worthy but im still not sure. i really need to know.
  2. Would also like to know this exactly if anyone can tell...building my setup soon and being an employee at Best Buy get that 900 at an insane price and of course you can't go wrong with the TT. Anyone know about this?
  3. I would like to believe it would not be possible fitting in the Tuniq Tower, but that was based on some things I've read, seeing the case in person, and a lot of guesstimating. But either way, it will definitly be a close fit.
  4. I'm not sure if you have seen this review but I thought it was a good one even if just for more pics.

    Thanks to markkleb for passing it on to me.

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