Help needed with unknown upcoming CPU (AMD)

Hello Guys,

i got some kind of good info, but i need help to understand or get more info from it.

i'll post a bit of info here:

REV_F EQU 1 ; Revision F
REV_DR EQU 2 ; Deerhound
;R06 REV_SOCKET EQU 3 ; Deerhound and Revision F
REV_FDR EQU 3 ; Deerhound and Revision F ;R06
REV_GH EQU 4 ; Greyhound
REV_GR EQU 5 ; Griffin[/code:1:3d47604fc5]

now i know there is some people that work for CPU companies around here if you think we can work somthing out of this PM me

p.d. well if anyone can help PM me

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  1. cant tell my source, i ot plenty of files with info :D
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