MY Graphics Card and what Bios Says!! Question

Ok i have a 9800 PRO 120mb..i was in my bios recently and i noticed the following:

VIA AGP Chipset Configuration
APG Mode AGP 8x
GRaphics Aperture Size 64mb

I didnt change it just incase its suppose to be like that..but Shouldnt it be 128mb? Should i change it? Has this been cutting my Graphics card speed in half?

Thanks in advance,

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  1. The aperature size is the amount of ram you want to share with your videocard. Say you ran BF2, with the textures on max, this would use your on-board video ram and start using your 64mb of main ram set by the aperature in the bios.
    I would set it to 128 to give you the full 256 effect - as you have a good amount of system ram. As far as performance, it may boost it a frame or two considering you system ram is fast, but nothing to an extreme. May get rid of some game stuttering if you have it.
  2. Thanks for the info and advice!
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