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i seem to be a complete idiot. i cant seem to figure out how to bridge my two buffalo products together. I have the buffalo airstation turbo g high power next to my cable modem and want to bridge it to a wbr2-g54s since reception in my house is not that great. The manual doesnt seem to be of much help.

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  1. Are they both the wbr2-g54s? Or is the one your modem is attached to a different model? If it is could you post that model too, then I can look at the manual online to see where the box is (if you can). The easiest way to bridge with buffalo stuff is to get the WLA2-G54C repeater/bridge. Then you can just hit the AOSS button on it and the ap and they will bridge, it actually works :)
  2. i have this connected to my cable modem

    and downstairs i have wbr2-g54s

    i wish they made the highpower 125 version of the repeater/bridge

    my understanding is that their highpower products are stronger than their nimo and pre-n as well as i think those dont bridge

    thanks for the help
  3. I took a look at the PDF manuals for both of those accesspoints and there is actually a WDS bridging guide for your WHR-HP-G54. I'd follow page 1,2, and 3 in this manual: WDS Guide
    Page 38 and 39 in this manual show the bridge config for the WBR2-G54S: WBR2-G54S Manual
    Just enable the bridge and add the mac address of the partner station (the WHR-HP-G54).
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