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I used to have my 2 computers networked via my Belkin Modem Router and my Belkin Wireless USB Adapter. I now have the problem trying to get the Wireless USB adapter to install properly, I have the original installation disk no luck there, I have also tryed the not so user friendly Belklin website for drivers they dont work ethier. I can get the 1st part of the software to install then the windows setup prgram starts up and want to look for specific drivers, it then searches and finds them of the disk, then say a problem has occered during instalation or somthing similar, this is really annoying , I am using Windows XP Service pack 2 just freashly installed about 1 week ago, there is no problem with my windows installation.
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  1. Has it installed far enough to run the un-installer?

    Bring up the port connection properties for the device and manually delete them. Also check under the System CP, for "X" devices and delete those too. Then reboot and try the installation again.

    As far as BELKIN, I havn't found one yet that was any good, just too cheap. They have a high failure rate and lockup problems.
  2. thanks for the reply, I will try this method some day , but right now I have lost interest, I am sick fed up off installing and uninstalling, but rest assured i will never be purchacing another Belkin product again.
  3. unbelivable. belkin is selling expensive turkeys to an unsuspecting public. you described my belkin usb modem dilemma perfectly. i am experiencing the exact same install, uninstall, install, uninstall code 28, can't find driver, problem. i have win-me on a fast p3 desktop. it is clean of problems. that is until i tried to install a usb belkin adaptor for wireless. what a joke belkin corporation is!
    and where in Gods earth are the drivers and updates and customer support we need at the Belkin anti-user website?
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