Using 32" HD LCD as a monitor

I'm having trouble using my LCD, it's native resolution is 1366x768. I'm running a nvidia 6800GS graphics card. There is both a VGA and DVI port on this card. Currently I'm using a VGA cable to hook up to the LCD. Now the problems.

1] I can't set the resolution to a true 1:1 resolution ie. 1366 x 768. It's currently set at 1360x768, so I can see the strip of pixels on the right of the screen that aren't being used.
2] I can't playback video without dropping the hardware acceleration on the graphics card. It only works at around 2 clicks on the slider. I think the hardware acceleation slider has about 7. On full acceleration the window playing the video is blank.

Is this a limitation on the VGA cable? Would the DVI cable work better?
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  1. Thanks for the advice, I've seemed to solve the problem. I downloaded the latest drivers from nVidia, bought myself a DVI-I cable, plugged in the screen and used the dual view with one source being VGA and the other DVI. After I rebooted with the new driver, a wizard popped up asking me to setup my HD display. Instead of asking for a resolution ie 1366x768, it just went thru a list of formats ie. 720p 720i 1080p etc. After it discovered the suitable format it ran a calibration screen and what do you know...the complete resolution is being used up now.

    So I setup my secondary monitor (DVI) as primary, so I don't have to use the VGA port, and I'm writing this post of a 32" LCD 8O

    Everything is working perfectly with regards to video playback and games, I've played the Need for Speed Carbon demo and Quake 4 on it with no problems.

    Hope this is of help to others that are looking for this solution, since I couldn't find any clear solution on the net.
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