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Power Express 250W Plz help can't find any info

Last response: in Components
December 18, 2006 8:16:42 AM

I purchased a Thermaltake Purepower Power Express 250W PSU because I upgraded my video card to a Nvidia Geforce 7950 GT KO PCI Express card and I didn't want to shell out more cash for another full PSU. A sales clerk showed me the Power Express and told me it would power my video card. My question is was this made to run just one video card. Because I have been having problems when I start my computer up my video card will not respond. I have to play with the wires and unplug things and plug them up before my monitor will get a signal.

The times it dosnt work what happens is I turn on my computer and the Thermaltake PSU Red light turns on but the green lights dont turn on (The Green lights are there to show that the video card is getting power, theres two for each card, but I only have one video card). I noticed the fan on the video card is spinning but I do not get a picture on my monitor. When I finally get it to work I get a green light on the PSU. Have you heard of this being a problem when running just one card? I can't find info on this anywhere
December 18, 2006 4:55:21 PM

So you couldn't put in $25 more to get a new PSU to support the whole system?

If everything is hooked up right you shouldn't be having these problems. You may want to return the unit and try another one. It should be a seamless power up of the system when working correctly.

For $25 more you could just get a new PSU like this one:

Or even better. For the same price as what you paid you could have this unit:

Both will support your system with no problem.

I was an idiot and listened to a sales clerk. i asked him what kind of psu i would need he was like "the biggest you can find" then he was like "actually we have these, save you lots of money" He pointed out that my card takes 25 amps or something.