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Hi all,
I'm setting up my own ftp server, and i have a few Q's,
i have a permanent connection to the internet via cables,
how can route a domian name to my ip address which is constantly changing ? do i need to have permanent one ? or there is a service some where that can help me with that ?
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  1. Do a seach for Dynamic DNS and you will find several services that keeps your IP address it to a

    You must have a public IP address for it to work.
  2. what do you mean by public ip ?
    do you mean that it's an ip that can be reached from everywhere over the internet , in this case, yes i have a public ip , right now i can access my ftp sever from differnt computers over the net, but i need to know my current ip address.
    does the dynamic dns deals with ip's that change once a while ?
    or you mean that public ip is an ip that never change ?
  3. A DynamicDNS is a service that keeps up with a changing IP. The way it works it is you pick a name and it changes the pointer to the name as the ip change.

    ftp://mydyndns =
    YOUR IP changes to
    DynamicDNS changes the pointer so ftp://mydyndns =
    Most router support theis feature if you lood in advanced options.

    It does this with a small program that monitors your IP address. If it changes it notifies the gate keeper.
  4. 10x a bunch :)
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