speedfan says cpu temp 60 degre celsius but TAT 53-51

hi all,

i have overclocked my core duo 6600 at 3.2 at 1.4325v bios (1.39 windows) all other voltages at lowest values and its stable but, speedfan report high temp under full load (orthos dual : stress cpu + blend test), temp under speedfan is 60-61 degre, but in TAT or core temp "only" 53 for first core and 52 for second core..i dont understand why the temp reported in speedfan is so high when TAT or core temp takes their temp from the HOTTEST part of the cpu..anyone can explain me this please. i heard about external temperature of cpu diode who is used by speedfan, what is it ? where is it placed on the cpu or on socket maybe ? is it dangerous to have it so high ? thanks in advance !
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  1. my speedfan doesnt have the feature to report individual temps for core 0 and core 1 so i think it may be a bug ? i dont use speedfan 4.32 beta 8 (cause it crashs on my computer) but speedfan 4.31. you tell me to stick with the software who gaves me the hottest temp but can i really trust speedfan ? when it doesnt tell me at what temps are each of my cores .
  2. You need to configure speedfan by setting the temperature offset to get it to match TAT.
  3. how do i do that ? setting the temperature offset ? i dont know what that means..sorry im french :/
  4. Quote:
    how do i do that ? setting the temperature offset ? i dont know what that means..sorry im french :/

    In "advanced configuration" there is a place to set the temperature offset fro each sensor. It is a number that gets added to or subtracted from the reading the sensor is picking up.

    For example, if speedfan says your CPU temperature is 53 and TAT says 58, then your offset is 5
  5. Alternatively try CoreTemp.
    then see what temperatures you get from that.
  6. Quote:
    Core temp and TAT read from the same place so they will display the same readings.

    So does speed fan.
  7. All the software based temp monitors used to pick up the core temp from the thermal diode / thermistor under the core on the old AMD motherboards... Do the C2D's have a thermister within the IHS?

    If not then I can only assume it's reading the same temps as the BIOS, which is only just reliable. Best to open the case and point an IR thermometer at the unshielded core... :D
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