4004 CPU mistake in AD - 40 years and millions replays

In ADs that replays millions time have a mistake.
contains a .PDF datasheet haven't this mistake frequency's CPU.

Mistake creates on translates uS in kHz.
in timeline.pdf - file (AD) this frequency is 108 kHz and this millions time replay for 39 years ;-)

Wrong! in 4004_datasheet.pdf - file this frequency is 92,6 kHz (directly not writed).
In file 4004 have 10,8 uS machine cycle and 1,35 uS minimum clock time. Clock divided by 8 equals 10,8 uS and mean 92,6 kHz.
39 year this "feature" didn't notice.
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  1. this CPU in april 1972 (4 month past of release) take off 2 fly to Jupiter and Saturn (stars can frighten) on Pioneer-10 board.

    Jupiter and Saturn - stars can frighten (c) Pink Floyd
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