X1950Pro - good or not good by itself??

Hi guys, i'm looking for a card that only takes up one PCI port i.e is relatively small, and from looking on the net the best card seems to be the X1950Pro. I wont be playing in Crossfire, - have quite a small case, but i was wondering how the Pro would be able to run games like oblivion and Medieval 2 at a resolution of about 1024 x .........
thanks, Raph
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  1. the 1950pro is a great card, dont expect really good performance on oblivion though, that game brings almost every graphics card today to its knee's. but the pro will handle most games pretty well at 1024x.
  2. thanks for the reply, can you recommend any other card at about £160 that only takes up one slot that might be better??
  3. If you can find the 7950GT for that price, it would be a better single slot video card solution.
  4. Yep, the x1950XT (256MB) £162 will buy you one with VIVO and dual DVI. I've bought one for my new system (C2D), it'll last me a year or so while both companies get their full DX10 range out and all the bugs ironed out.
  5. ok thanks, i think i've found one
  6. i bought an X1950Xt but it was too big because it takes up a second PCI slot above the one where the card fits in.
  7. You may want to look at the 7950GT. For around 20 bucks more, overall the 7950GT is a better card. Though, in Oblivion the X1950Pro beats out the 7950GT in outdoor mode which is more important than indoor mode where the 7950GT shines.
  8. have any of you guys played Ghost Recon: AW with either of the two cards?
  9. Quote:
    i bought an X1950Xt but it was too big because it takes up a second PCI slot above the one where the card fits in.

    i was going to mention that, a quick fix would be to replace the hsf, fairly easy to do, and it might even improve the cards temps.
  10. i was thinking of doing that, but it wouldnt have made a difference because the problem was that there was two end bits stuck together i.e. the things that can be seen at the back of the case, and i had only one spare space - if you understand what i'm talking about lol.
  11. here is a link to the x1950 pro's performance in oblivion:


    seems good enough to play with :)
  12. maybe take the stock cooling off the pro and overclock it a little? with an aftermarket cooling device? :)
  13. I play Oblivion at 1280x960 full detail (without grass) on my x800xt and I get decent frame rates. The x1950pro should play oblivion fine.
  14. Check my specs, a 1950pro will run Oblivian just fine at 1280x1024, with everything turned up, HDR and AA at the same time. If the action gets heavy outside, it can cause some minor slow downs I think that is pretty common on just about any card you run Oblivian with though, but generally the game runs and looks great on my system.
  15. i play oblivion with my x1950pro. does a very good job considering its only worth £105...

    my framerate at 1024x768 is very playable.
  16. I play at 1360x768 (native panel res of my LCD TV) on an x2 4000+ 2 gigs ddr2 667and x1950pro. FEAR maxxed out is around 90 fps and lowest at 29 fps. Oblivion I play at wth 4aa and I've never had any lag.
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