Very interesting and well worth a watch
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  1. samlky said:

    Very interesting and well worth a watch

    Good video, great points, and as much as I would like to reform education, I am a realist.

    Good luck to all those that try, I am gonna try to meet state standards so that I can have a job :(
  2. Unfortunately, the biggest thing ham-stringing public education in the U.S. is the NEA.
  3. nice one.
  4. def believe that our education is old fashioned and out of date
  5. Hey, you can't have this job since you didn't spend all this money on this degree. What? Your work experience says you are qualified? You have certs? Ok. But you still didn't pay a large amount of money for this piece of paper that doesn't have anything to do with your job.

    Sorry, you're not qualified for the job.

    News flash:

    Lots of jobs out there. Not enough qualified candidates.

    Lots of qualified candidates, lots of unqualified people trying to determine people who are qualified.
  6. There was an Ig Nobel award given out this past year that touches on what you are talking about. Basically if you assume that a hierarchical workplace promotes people who do well at their job, and that different rungs on the corporate ladder often require different skill sets from lower tier rungs, you end up promoting people until they reach a job at which they are incompetent, where they will remain. They suggest that promoting randomly would work more effectively,
  7. Hi there,

    I'm John from United States, I'm a newbie here.

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    We all know that English language is a universal language for written and verbal communication. You know how really important it is to use and learn English either oral or verbal. And like the majority of you here, I do always think and use of efficient and effective way how can I make my English perfect.

    Nice to meet all of you guys.

  8. Nice and resource able video. I enjoy it. Canada education for international students.
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  10. Very nice & interesting video.

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  11. Education is very important for everything. Without any education we can't do anything. Education is important to know the things properly.
  12. Education is very important t have. With the education we can learn the things. If we have education then we can do anything. So education is very important for all the people.
  13. I'm not sure how my post got into this thread. I removed it because it made no sense relative to the thread.
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