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I recently had to upgrade my video card, cleaned out a lot of the C: drive, and then upgraded to Win 8. Everything seemed pretty fine with the exception that I had to search forever to find a driver that worked with the new video card.

Now my problem is with internet speed. I've checked all of the drivers in device management and all seem to be up to date. I'm running a wireless network with a linksys e4200 router. All speed tests on every other device I have show that the router and internet connection are running just fine. However, the computer is terrible.

Websites seem somewhat slower loading than normal, but when I run speedtests on the new Win 8, I'm getting 1mb down if I'm luck and typically less than 1mb up. Any flash video or any internet based video is always bufferring and choppy. If I run a video regardless of whether it's an .avi or any other file, it runs smooth and is fine with windows media player etc.

I ensured that it wasn't an adobe issue. I've ran AVG virus and spybot to make sure nothing was slowing it down.

When I had Win 7, everything worked fine. Can anyone help. I've searched the forums here but nothing seems to fix it.

Any help would be appreciated. Almost forgot...I'm running an older Dell 531s with an AMD 64x2, radeon x1300, 4GB RAM, 2.8Ghz processor with plenty of storage space. Even Microsoft checked the settings with a live person and said that Win 8 would run perfectly on this system...and it does, except for internet speed issues. Also need to add, that I've tried multiple, explorer, and mozilla. Please help...
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  1. Why on earth would you install 8 is you had 7?

    Honestly you're probably imagining it, but put 7 back or do a clean install of 8
  2. Can you connect with ethernet to the router and test speed then?
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    Win 8 internet speed issues...
  4. Check network card properties in device manager has TCP/UDP checksum offload enabled. Disable IPv6, although I bet the driver W8 is using a bog standard reference or older Vista/W7 driver that is not happy with W8.
  5. Frist do a ping to your address, cmd, ping see what your ping is, or tracert using ip4, You can find your IP by checking the status of your Ethernet.

    1.Slide your mouse to the top right and choose settings, down at bottom choose CHANGE PC SETTINGS, go to devices, Turn off download over metered connections.

    2. Notifications, TURN OFF

    3. Privacy Turn off let apps use my location.

    4. SYNC AND SETTINGS, turn off.

    5 GOTO: Control panel, select LOCATION SETTINGS, uncheck all.

    . GOTO
    Right Click network,

    GOTO: properties, top left


    Right click Ethernet, choose Properties, Choose configure at top right, down from connect using your ethernet properties,

    GOTO Advanced, Set Speed & Duplex to 100mb half Duplex. Change whatever you think will help

    Do a second Ping is it any better.

    If all these things have not helped your problem, your HD may need a defrag. Time to upgrade your slow computer. I'm sure your rating for performance is no more than 2 or 3.
    Hope this helps
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