GA-8i945gzme-rh + e6300 won't clock higher than 931Mhz

It should clock somewhere around 1.4Ghz due to limitation of 800Mhz FSB, but no option in bios(ver. F6) to adjust FSB or anything else except memory frequency. Belarc Advisor, CPU-Z, and system bios report clock speed of 931Mhz. System does correctly identify processor as e6300/1.86 Ghz. Any suggestions?
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  1. Sorry, i'm looking for an answer that doesn't involve me replacing mobo as Giga-Byte's own website states that this board supports this processor(up to 1.4Ghz). Also, why spend another $80.00 on something that I just spent $80.00 dollars on?
  2. If it's not too late, return it. Otherwise, you may have to wait for a new bios revision since there are no options to change the FSB in bios. You can find boards for less than 80, such as the one I linked to, that support the full 1066 FSB.
  3. I might just leave it be-this system is a xmas gift for a family currently running a Celeron 500 running Win98 so 2x931Mhz + WinXP is still leaps and bounds above what they're used to. They don't game, and the most taxing thing they'll probably do to it is play a DVD on it which shouldn't be a problem as i've played/tested h.264 encoded 1080p on the system without any stuttering at all.
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