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I have a Thermaltake Armor case and a GIGABYTE 965P-DS3 mobo. Do I need to put spacers everywhere the holes line up or just on the metallicized holes? I heard something about brass on one and plastic on the other, but all I have are brass spacers.

Also, my case came with three mylar pads. Where do I put those??
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  1. Use brass spacers on all mobo holes.

    Never touch a part without touching the case first to get rid of static electricity.

    You'll have extra spacers, only put where a hole is.
  2. Thanks, I just completed the build.

    I'm worried about my wiring though...the manual wasn't helpful and I've never done this before. I just plugged in things where they would fit.

    Are there any good online guides to wiring a computer?
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