first time overclock...looking for suggestions

I am willing to spend up to CAD $2000 (US $1700) on a new machine. I'm a web designer/developer, and have just recently signed up to this forum, and read some posts on overclocking the E6600 and the numbers people were getting. I am probably looking at going up to a stable 3.4 ghz and am open to getting aftermarket air cooling. I also really don't like elaborate or alien looking cases, and like very simple, plain cases. I would love to hear some suggestions on how I should spend my money to achieve the best system for my needs.

Here are the specs I was looking at getting:

CPU: E6600
MB: P5B deluxe with wifi
ram: corsair twin 2Gig 6400C4
vid: hopefully 8800 gtx if budget permits
PS: antec true control II 550
HD: seagate 250 or 320
sound: x-fi platinum
case and aftermarket cooling: no idea

thanks a lot for any suggestions and recommendations.
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  1. Corsair is overpriced.
  2. I came across someone selling this for CAD $1400

    e6300 [100% stable @ 3.5ghz]

    Thermaltake Big Typhoon Heat Sink Fan

    p5b deluxe wifi Motherboard

    ocz ddr2 8000 platinum xtc RAM

    WD 250gb SATA II 16mb x2 in Raid 0

    ati x1900xtx 512mb pcie

    OCZ 520w PSU

    SB Audigy 2 Plat

    Gigabyte Aurora 3D II Case

    He said he has one of the earliest revisions of the motherboard and is running low 40 at idle and high 40s to low 50s on load with the fan on low setting. Is this worth a grab? Built in September.
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