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Now ive just built a nice new system which works fine, however as soon as i boot up a game, because im in SLi i get this great big green line down the left hand side of the screen that goes up and down as im playing the games... what the hell is this, as im guessing its to do with Sli profiles but i cant work out how to turn the blasted thing off, any help would be appreciated.

system is
AMD 5000+
4Gb ram
2 * 512mb 7900 GTO graphics in SLi
700w PSu
2 * 300Gb Hard drives
Asus crosshair motherboard
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  1. 3 questions:

    Does the line go away when you're NOT in SLI?
    Are you using the latest nVidia drivers?
    Does the green line appear in ALL games or just one?
  2. I am fairly certain that is the load balancing line that shows the distribution of the image content to each GPU. Everything above the line is processed by one GPU and everything below the GPU is processed by the other. To disable it, go into the Forceware settings, go to the sli section (doing this from memory because I haven't used SLi in .... 8 months lol), then uncheck show load balancing (or something similar to that).

    How it got turned on, I don't know. However, that should solve your problem.

    This entire response is based on the premise that your answer to mpjesse's first question is yes.
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