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I had a nice little Compro X200, which was actually a very nice card - offered decent software and picture ... nice remote and overall, very cheap.

It broke recently - the FM tuner was all fuzzy so I have sent it back, I'm thinking of taking this opportunity to get a better card - instead of a direct replacement.

I think the card was "software decoder", my CPU would be 20% occupied under it - and while thats obviously fine if I'm soley watching TV, doing stuff in the background - or using it as a PVR and trying to work, became tricky.

I'm wondering if there is a decent "hardware decoder" card out there? Not digital or sattelite, I am using an external set-top box.
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  1. Ive been using a Hauppage pvr-250 for years, no complaints, they go for about $65US
  2. hi.
    best cards are coming from Hauppage.
    i am using pinnacle card pctv pro for many years without a litle problem.
    u can get one of those which one is avaiable in your area.
  3. Yeah I say you go with a Hauppage pvr-250 card. You want the built-in MPEG hardware. This will help take a load off the CPU! The only thing I don't know to tell you is if the these card will work with Vista?? If you are not going to switch to Vista in the next year or two then go for it. Other wise go with something cheap to fill in until then...
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