Scythe Infinity cpu cooler case Suggestions>?


I'm interested in getting the Scythe Infinity cpu cooler.
I was wondering if anyone would recommend against it and why and if against, what other air cooled cpu cooler do you suggest.

Also, the Scythe Infinity will not fit in my case. I was wondering if someone could suggest a case that:
1. Has good cooling features
2. Will have room for the Scythe Infinity

Also, what thermal grease is the best?
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  1. well, the tuniq tower 120 is the best air cpu cooler on the market today. also arctic silver 5 is the best thermal paste.
  2. The tuniq tower 120 is currently the best air cooler to date (link) . Supposedly Artic Silver 5 is the best thermal paste, but I don't know for sure. I used Artic Silver 5 and I'm happy. Not knowing your budget for case I just guessed, NZXT Zero (link) it has 2 120 mm exhaust fans, 1 120 mm intake fan and 4, yes 4, side 120 mm fans. I can't speak from experience, but the reviews all say that it is great, nice and roomy and it cools like a monster (with 7 12 cm fans it better!). If you want to go more expensive go with the Lian Li (link) I have heard that it is one monster of a case. If you don't want to spend that much money, you might as well just get a Thermaltake Big Typhoon (link) for similar performance to the scythe ninja.
  3. Thank you both for your input.
    Your replies surprised me - I had previously read the following review:
    review - from that review, the Titan Vanessa L type out performed the Tuniq Tower 120 in all listed areas.

    If anyone has some stats for the Scythe Infinity that I could compare against the Tuniq and/or the Vanessa L type, that would be great - or any stats to show that their recommendation is the best. I'm just trying to find the best air cooling solution possible.

    Thanks Matador_De_Sa for the case recommendations - they look promising : )
  4. Madshrimp's benchmark is probably one of the best. Tuniq tower is the best. Just google "tuniq tower 120 review" and you'll find 100 sites, and 99% of them will say the tuniq tower is the best. link link link link link those are links to different reviews, there are about 95 more.
  5. Tuniq it is!
    Thanks for saving me from buying a lesser cooler :)
  6. jump on it if your goin to buy it, they run out of stock fast. frozencpu link
  7. Thanks for the link.
    I got the Tuniq today.
    Followed the instructions.
    Now, when I power up, i got no video.
    No lights on the keyboard either.
    Every now and then, when I power up, the video might switch on, but if that happens, the whole system powers down instantly.
    Cleared the cmos, took all out except key,mouse,video still same problem. That plate you stick on the bottom of the motherboard for the tuniq - that thing seems to have made itself a permanent fixture - won't budge - can't remove it. Anyone have any ideas what component might be the culprit before I spend another fortune buying each part separately and testing...

  8. Do you get any beep error code from your motherboard? if you do go to your motherboard manufacturer's website and see if you can find what it means.
  9. No,

    No beep codes, the power stays on - it all seems normal, just no video.
    And, if the video decides to cut on (happens every now and then on a reboot) the system powers down within 5 seconds - otherwise, the system stays on like all is great, just no video.
  10. I'm no expert but that sounds like maybe a power supply problem. Try unplugging everything except what is absolutely necessary (vid card and boot drive) and also unplug your tuniq tower. It is a nice enough heat sink, your cpu shouldn't overheat if you just turn it on for short periods of time to test it.
  11. Ok, after wrestling with the Tuniq, and abandoning using it (for now)here's my status:
    1st motherboard - unkown condition
    2nd motherboard - working
    1st cpu - confirmed dead
    2nd cpu - working

    1st motherboard and 1st cpu no longer work together
    2nd motherboard and 1st cpu do not work together
    2nd motherboard and 2nd cpu work together currently
    Going to try 1st motherboard and 2nd cpu when I have more $$ to waste.

    What I don't like about it:
    1 - the plate on the back of the motherboard - each of the metal leg tips should have plastic caps that the screws can screw into so no possibility of metal tip to metal motherboard can happen.
    2 - the plate on the back of the motherboard - when i first tried to pull it off my 1st motherboard it's like it merged with the motherboard - stuck hard - at 1st tug you'd think it was stuck with super glue - taking it off the motherboard is a very dangerous operation - VERY difficult
    3 - the copper base at the bottom is so wide, it will not fit straight on a p5nsli (my second motherboard) - you have to make it crooked so it doesn't touch motherboard metal stuff - and even when you twist it a bit, you oyl get about a millimeter's clearance from motherboard metal stuff.
    4 - the instructions sucked - how tight should I tighten the screws? - i think i ended up crushing my 1st cpu - ambiguous instructions
    5 - Using an antec nine hundred case - try to install the tuniq after you install the motherboard to the case - I think its impossible without cutting up the case

    So, in summary, when I want a new PC, I build it - I never buy a PC retail - I worked for IBM building PC's on the line for 2+ years - I'm no stranger to the insides of a PC. I've had 1 known component before now fail on me - a cheap lan card - trying to install the tuniq resulted in 1 confirmed dead cpu and 1 motherboard in an unkown state...If I could buy a cpu cooler again, I might go with something not so big and bulky/heavy
  12. Quote:

    4 - the instructions sucked - how tight should I tighten the screws? - i think i ended up crushing my 1st cpu - ambiguous instructions
    5 - Using an antec nine hundred case - try to install the tuniq after you install the motherboard to the case - I think its impossible without cutting up the case

    You are either lying about your experience with IBM, you worked there 30 years ago, or you learned nothing there. How the hell could you tighten something so hard you crush your cpu? That is stupid to the max. Grow up and stop blaming Tuniq for your stupid mistake. If you can't handle using a screw driver just stick with the stock cooler. I just got my Tuniq and couldn't be happier. True it's a bit of a pain to remove the motherboard to put the backplate in, but it's better than having the mounting for your HSF break and having this massive tower come crashing down on your video card leaving your cpu to burn itself to a crisp and a shattered video card. I am pretty lucky though, my case is just barely big enough to fit it in. You probably shouldn't have tried to twist stuff around. You should have looked into your case for like 5 seconds and said to yourself "this HSF is a monster and probably won't fit, I'll just go with the Big Typhoon" but I guess that would be asking too much.

    Sorry for that whole rant, it just really pisses me off when people screw up miserably and then blame everyone and everything but themselves.
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