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Hello, Ima NEWBIE... :D
I bought a used Gateway PIII with an Intel 82810E main board for a cheap basic computer.
I upraded whatever I could, sound, ram, HD, operating system.
The problem I ran into was when I wanted to upgrade the on board Intel graphics.
It is a small form ATX and has no AGP slot.
Could I install a PCI graphics card or will it be limited by the main board?
Also, I don't understand the diff between 4X and 8X.
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  1. I think that you should just keep the integrated graphics. Without an AGP, an ISA or PCI card just isn't worth it (unless you're doing dual monitors or something).
  2. If you can get any cheap PCI card, go for it. It'll be better than integrated.
  3. Really? Oops, my bad. Yeah, the integrated on that old machine is probably much worse than the integrated on modern mobos.
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