Computer wont post or when it does windows wont Load

I have the 965-ds3 with e6600 cpu and when i go to start the computer it either does not post at all or when it rarely does windows wont load and it restarts. I believe I hear one long beep and 2 short ones when computer wont post. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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  1. Its a Video card error = 1long/2short beeps.

    Reseat Graphics card, make sure latest drivers are installed. If necessary, remove them, and reinstall latest ones.

    Good Luck :D
  2. I am having a similar problem with my ds3(1st batch) and e6600(retail). Mine worked fine since september then one day I go to turn it on and it goes through post fine, no beeps, recognizes my raid array, gets to the black XP screen and then resets. After it tries to load the second time it goes to the "f8" screen asking if I want to boot in safe mode and stuff. I try to boot in safe mode and it reads a few files and then resets. Any ideas???????
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