Linksys RT41-BU freezes every day or two

I've got the Linksys Wired Broadband Router, model RT41-BU, that will freeze every day or two. The lights on the front still blink, but you cannot contact the router's config page, connect to the net etc. The computer will report "network connection not found" as well. Unplugging for a few seconds and replugging the router power fixes the problem.

Linksys tech support has had me reinstall the firmware and factory reset, and when that didn't work they had me lower the MTU packet size a couple times (down to 1400). However that doesn't seem to fix the problem either.

About 30 computers in all access the net through 2 dell switches connected to the linksys router, any ideas on what is causing the trouble?
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  1. Sounds like you may have a overheating problem.
    You may try disabling all but errors on the log. I've seen a few if the buffer is filled they would lockup. The firmware doesn't know how to flush when it gets full.
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