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I fully understand that advertisers support Tom's Hardware, and we need more of them!

Some sites just don't load at all. An example is ''. For the past few weeks (quite a few weeks) I see the message 'waiting for' and nothing loads even after 1 hour (I left that page on and went for dinner). I think that another one is

Do others experience this? Is there some setting that I can activate in my computer so that the pages load right away?

Thank you for reading this and for your opinions.
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  1. Sometimes ads like that end up in the network rotation, and it's an unfortunate thing. I'll send a note to the guys who handle the ads and let 'em know one has gone on the fritz. Thanks for the heads-up.
  2. Thank you!

    More than one; include www.lijit too - it isn't helping the advertisers get their mess age across.
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