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Hello everyone. I have a 300 gig seagate model ST3300831A IDE harddrive that is having problems. I was playing Battlefield2142 and my computer just crashed (I think ive been having PSU problems lately) and when i rebooted windows would detect the hard drive but it wouldnt show the name i had given it nor did it say it had any volume. When going into the disk manager it said it has 279GB (which is correct) but properties showed it as 0/0 kilobytes. Also it should be noted this harddrive was run from my extra raid IDE. Do you guys think this harddrive is gone or does anyone have any suggestions?
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  1. Run a scandisk against the drive first and see what come back. If you have troubles there then take a look at the demo of active partition recovery. You should be able to see data against that prog, and if this is case then you could be able to rebuild the table and be on your way.
  2. would having the drive compressed affect the recovery in any way? BTW thanks alot for the advice im trying it right now!
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