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Ok so I have window 7 ultimate on my pc. It was running great for quite a while until the other day. It updated itself and then shut off. The next time i went to go use the pc it booted up and instead of the usual windows 7 loading screen it booted with the vista loading screen. looked like this so i was like thats odd. and then when it got into windows my resolution was at 1024x768.. i have a monitor that does 1680x1050 and thats what it was at but it changed itself. So i went into windows to try and change the res and it wouldnt let me go past 1280x720. IDK what has changed besides the update. I tried to go to a restore point before the update but no dice. I know its not videocard cuz i have a 9800gtx. I also updated my drivers to the latest ones after this happened to no avail. does anyone know of this issue or have had it themselves? if so how do I fix it? thanks let me know if u need more information.
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  1. Uninstall your video drivers, reboot

    Use CCleaner to remove any left over nVidia stuff in registry, reboot

    Install new nVidia drivers....suggest 195.55 beta
  2. have you got another hdd or partition your system might be booting off?
  3. Is the monitor still being properly detected??? If it's now being detected as a Standard VGA Monitor or such, that might be what is limiting the resolution.
  4. do a clean a low level format then install win 7!
  5. I have tried the drivers and i dont think it is the monitor...what gets me is that it is booting up using the vista boot screen instead of the win 7 one...thats weird
  6. Are you running a dual boot system??? You don't mention.
  7. oh sorry no jus one OS on the harddrive
  8. rollback your graphics driver to the old (working one). Just open device manager find your display adapter and right click then choose properties. then select the driver tab and choose rollback driver.
  9. Buy a non pirated Windows disk and reinstall!!!
  10. lol who said it was a pirated version? and i didnt change the graphics drivers until there was a problem so that wasnt the issue
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