[Website Opinion] PLEASE update the twitter feed quicker

I understand that Tom's Hardware has limited manpower and can't update it immediately, OK, but I kind of feel twitter loses its point when a feed posts an article TWO days after it was posted on the site.

I mean twitter is supposed to be real time news so you can be up to date on the latest and I wish toms hardware would update their feed more quickly
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  1. Tom's is still new to the Twitter thing, and leans more in the direction of Facebook which is where we have a lot more followers - but we're working on update frequency and scheduling. Tom's is quite an old site as web sites go, and many of the update functions for news and articles were in place long before Twitter or Facebook were even a sparkle in some nerd's eye, so it's taking us a bit to modernize the systems and do it right. Additionally, holiday weekends make it even tougher, but this is pretty much the case for all news and content providers.
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