Need help with 7600GT/Power Supply specs.

I have a Antec 400 Power Supply with the specs at the following link

BFG says on their tech sheet that the 7600 requires

A 350W PCI Express compliant system power supply (with 12V current rating of 20A or more)

I was hoping to take advantage of the 7600GT offer on NewEgg, but would like to make sure this won't present a problem.
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  1. Yeah you're good... the 12V rail supplies up to 25A on that PSU. (10+15)
  2. Thanks a lot, you guys are awesome. Just discovered this place a few days ago.
  3. Hey guys,

    I am also looking into getting that same video card, and am thinking about getting this power supply. I'm confused about the amps requirement. Can someone tell me if I can use this power supply with that video card?

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for your reply! Can you tell me some brands that you recommend?

  5. Thanks.
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