Will my 700w Thermaltake Toughpower be enough?

I have a 700w Thermaltake Toughpower PSU, and I want to know if it will be enough to efectivly run my new computer. The computer will consist of an Asus Striker mobo, Core 2 Ex X6800, 2GB of Ram, GeForce 8800 GTX, 2 HDDs, 2 CD drives, a sound card and sime fans and lights.
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  1. should run beautifully.
  2. Ok Thanks very much. Someone had told me that I would need a larger one and I was a little worried that I would be out $300. I should be able to overclock with it also, Right?
  3. Yes. I have near the same as you (8800gts, e6600), with a 550watt psu. You will be fine. Do a watt calculator if you want to.

    If you go here link you can do a calculation on how much power you need. Mine was 410 watts, though you need to make sure you have enough amps on the 12v rails (28+)
  4. Antec has 36amps on their 550watt psu.
  5. I would not overclock with that PSU, it only has one rail, and has a to high emf spectrum rating.
  6. It has 3 12amp rails, an emf spectrum is good.
  7. I'm running the TT 700w ToughPower in a TT Armour case, TT Bigwater 735 liquid cooling system, Asus M2N DLx, Athlon 4800+ socket M2, (one) XFX GF7950GT heatpipe cooled video card, (two) 80GB Seagate (RAID stripe), (one) 250GB Seagate (storage), (two) Lite_on burners, and SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS Pltm.

    I've been building computers for 10 yrs. I recently built this computer for myself as my primary machine. The TT 700w ToughPower is the most stable, rock solid PSU I've ever installing in any system before. This is my first experience with TT equipment and I have been pleased with their quality and competitive pricing.

    Good luck,

    Oh by the way, that PSU has (four), count 1, 2, 3, 4, 12v rails. It's all in the spec's, man!
  8. Hey, Thanks much guru. :D
    Oh, and I got the Same case as you too.
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