Liquid cooling and cases

I am building out my new rig and want to give water cooling a try.

Here is the set up

Asus Striker MB
2 Asus 8800gtx cards
4gb Corsair PC8800 mem
2 750 gb hard drives.
Blu-Ray drive

I Have looked at a couple of cases such as the Kandalf and armor and they seem nice for a complete solution. Anyone have any other cases to suggest
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  1. the stacker 830 or the tjo7/tjo9
  2. Why not use 2x150Gb Wester Digital Raptors in raid 0? And another 300Gb regular 7200 HD for backup and storage. How about a sound, like say, X-Fi Fatal1ty for gaming.
  3. the Kandalf performed pretty well in a reivew i read a little bit ago.

    as for your system....
    -blu ray? why? why not wait till it comes down in price? ditch the blu ray and spend the money you saved on better components.

    -asus 8800gtx's? asus gtx's perform sub par. go to google and type in "8800gtx roundup" if you must have gtx's, get xfx's new xxx edition. if you want normal gtx's, then get xfx, evga, or bfg. my personal favourite is evga.

    -4 gigs of ram is overkill. windows cant really utilize anything over like 2 gigs. plus, 2 gigs is more than enough. save yourself some money and stick with the 2 gigs.

    what power supply?
    what about a sound card, ie. the creative xfi platinum or fatality.
    have you thought about a monitor?
    as for keyboard and mouse, if you want the best, get a logitech g5 mouse and a logitech g15 keyboard.
  4. i dont think 4GB of ram overkill for that system Vista is out in a month and i guess he will be using that
  5. any case can support Water cooling its just how you implement it is the question. the zalman reserator is an exernal system that only requires a couple of tubes passed through the rear of the case . if you want to go fully internal ii would suggest you get a big case. but be prepared to do a little bit of modding to get things to fit.

    whilst you could just buy a preinstalled kit there is no fun in that and also the generally the parts could be bought cheaper elsewhere.
  6. Quote:
    Asus Striker MB
    2 Asus 8800gtx cards
    4gb Corsair PC8800 mem
    2 750 gb hard drives.
    Blu-Ray drive

    BTW, 2Gig's of RAM is plenty and
    BluRay is on it's way out the door..
  7. You can get the 4 gb ram now but it won't help until you install either XP 64 bit or Vista.

    If you are going to water cool then BFG has 8800GTX with Danger Den full coverage water blocks installed on them.

    I would go for 2 x 150 raptors and 2 x 500 perp drives

    Do you actually have any blue ray movies to watch on your drive right now?
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