help with new build problem please

hey guys,
just put together a new machine a few days ago and it has a bug i can't seem to figure out. did some searching on google but to no avail.
specs are,
gigabyte ga-965p-ds3
6600 core duo
7950 gx2
700 watt ocz power supply
1 gb skill ram
320 gb w.d sata 2 drive
bios revision f4 (don't want to upgrad bios untill my 2 gig's of corsair ddr2 800 come in the mail in case it does not recognise the gskill ram)
the problem is every time i go to boot the machine the first attempt freezes at the windows xp load screen. when i reset it the second time works fine. i don't think it is the bios as the list of fixes dont say anything about this. I did check the voltages for the power supply and they all seem fine. any ideas? thanks.
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  1. Look in the Windows Event Viewer to see if there are any error messages. Use MSCONFIG to boot in Safe mode; does that work?
    Can you adjust the voltage on the memory in the BIOS? You may need to force it to 2V for your RAM, but someone else here with a -DS3 could be more specific.
  2. Go ahead and flash your bios. I have the S3 board with the latest bios. Recognizes the G. Skill ram no prob. Not sure if it'll fix anything, but worth a shot.
  3. In bios, change halt on errors to none
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