10C difference between coretemp & mobo reading

I'm using an intel c2d E6400, Asus P5B-E and the intel hsf, no overclock. I'm also running Core Temp, SpeedFan and the asus probe utility.

The temps in Core Temp are around 36/54 idle/load. Speedfan and the asus utility read 45/62.

Which one of these should I trust? Isn't 60C pushing the comfortable range for this cpu?
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  1. Usually I'd say trust Core Temp.
  2. Trust core temp or TAT.

    All other utilities suck.

    A core temp reading of 54°C is ok, and common for overclocked CPUs, but a little hot for stock speeds. Is the HSF seated correctly?

    The CPU will throttle back if it hits 85°C, so you are well within that margin.
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