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I've been trying to upload an avatar (on Tom's Hardware) and have thus far been unsuccessful. I have tried .jpeg, .gif, and .bmp and none of them will upload. I just keep getting this error: "Sorry, invalid file type". It says they must be 85 x 85 pixils or smaller but it also says if it is bigger that it will auto-resize. It also says 20 max. for file weight; what does this mean? Is this why it would accept it, or is it because I should be using a different file extension?
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  1. Is probably your file size. I believe the max size is 20 kb, so if your file is bigger it could be the issue.
  2. So that is what they meant by file weight. Well, I just tried uploading a 16.5 KB file and that didn't work. Thank you for the suggestion though. Have any other ideas?
  3. What size of pixels is the image? Maybe it won't resize it down to 85x85... My avatar is only 3KB at 85x85
  4. The file is 69 x 81.
  5. What precisely is it? All avatars have to be approved by moderation before they go live. If you are attempting to upload something not kosher for our forums, it will never go through.
  6. Bonaparte Crossing the Alps by Jacques-Louis David (It's Napoleon on a horse, nothing offensive). I really doubt that it would be censored, because it says "invalid file type", and was rejected in under 10 seconds. There is no way that a human saw the painting and rejected it that quickly. I don't know why it would potentially be rejected anyway; it is a 200 year old painting that is in the public domain.
  7. UPDATE:

    I just uploaded a different file that was 162KB and 500 x 336, and it uploaded successfully. I guess it was just a glitch, because this with the first attempt on this file it said that it just needed to be approved, whereas with the last file I kept getting the error.
  8. Image looks to have been approved... :)
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