When the bl00dy h3ll is the r600 coming out!?

I swear that it has already been november and that we have passed the release date, but i suppose that the 8800 messed up ati's plans. But that does not stop me from asking, "WHERE THE HELL IS MY BLOODY CARD?"
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  1. it'll be out sometime early next year, i bet the review sites will have them in a couple weeks.
  2. The 8800 has hardly messed up ATI's plans, since ATI plan to release the card as soon as Vista is made available for retail (and not just for businesses). If it had, then the card would have come out about the beginning of December, so to try to get into the Christmas shopping spree, and hopefully outsell the 8800. However, considering how expensive the 8800 is, it will only account for a very small number of sales, so ATI doesn't have much to worry about. The real battle begins when all the mainstream cards by ATI and Nvidia come out. Now that'll be fun to watch.
  3. Sometime in January. I would say late January.

    And also, this has been already asked often, try using the search option next time. :wink:
  4. Cool thanks, will avoid the mainstream stuff and go for the quality, can't wait untils "apu's" and those cluster core cards come out.
  5. ignore me if i'm too blatant in my threadjacking, but i was wondering, isn't rD600 (mobo) out now? wasn't its release date scheduled for the 15th of Dec. or something? my question is, is it out, and as good as everyone hoped?
  6. Not sure but there is a review at anandtech. The link was up on one of the topics on the scrolling board on the main page.
  7. I read on some site a few days ago that R600 cards will be released in February.
  8. Quote:
    ignore me if i'm too blatant in my threadjacking, but i was wondering, isn't rD600 (mobo) out now? wasn't its release date scheduled for the 15th of Dec. or something? my question is, is it out, and as good as everyone hoped?

    It's out now:


    Though I haven't seen any at Newegg. I can't really decide whether to get one of these boards with a C2D in February, and one X1950 Pro, or wait till R600 has midrange cards around $200 that can be used in Crossfire.

    I was also going for an RS690 with a low voltage X2 3800+ multimedia system in February too, but since the fully licensed boards with all the "T" features are being delayed (again), I may just wait till the RS790 (or whatever AMD renames it) DX10 integrated graphics arrive for a multimedia system.

    At any rate, my aging AGP Northwood is still getting an X1950 Pro when all is said and done. I doubt they'll come out with a midrange DX10 AGP solution within the first year R600 launches.
  9. I meant like in ATI r600 soon to be graphics card. But thanks.
  10. Quote:
    I meant like in ATI r600 soon to be graphics card. But thanks.

    Unlike the AMD 690 (formerly RS690) board, the graphics cards have not had any delays. They should be on schedule and I expect them to work well because of ATI's experience with the Xbox 360's graphics, which share some features of the next gen ATI cards.

    I'm just itching to get a new ATI chipset board, dual core CPU, and an ATI R600 PCIe x16. I'll get one sooner or later. Are you planning on the first, high end R600, or are you forced, like me, to wait for the midrange solutions to arrive months later?
  11. March / April 2007, maybe a bit earlier.
  12. I'm going to go for broke, but i might wait for the mid ranges to come out so the top end price can drop a bit. I might even wait for the x??50xtx board. I'll keep the x1950 for physics. What i am wondering about is whether or not i should get a crossfire master card to be able to use it with an r600 for physucs or the other way around ie an r600 crossfire master.
  13. Do they still have Crossfire Master cards? I thought that they would not be needed with R600, and I didn't realize they were still needed for the X1900 cards past the GT.

    I've thought of the new RD600 board by DFI, or an ASUS equivalent, but the power draw plus cooling of two DX10 cards and one DX9 for physics would be ridiculous.

    What I'd love to see is a die shrink where GPU performance improves like CPU performance, while the thermals get more reasonable. I live in Texas, if I lived in Maine, I might need a space heater for most of the year.
  14. ATI announce that R600 was "delayed" to Q1 2007 (I'd say january/february to be here with Vista) before anybody even mentionned that G80 was finally gonna have unified shaders.

    So, there is no conspiracy theory, just a company that wants to get the biggest possible impact on it's release of it's VPU.

    Let Christmas pass and we'll get to know more in early january for sure. That'll include some specifications, released date and early leaked benchmarks if it perform well compare to GeF8800GTX. Close enough to release to not kill current line of VPU sell, but also far enough to steal some of G80 possible buyers.
  15. I just hope all my newegg owned parts are not gone by then.
  16. Quote:
    ATI announce that R600 was "delayed" to Q1 2007 (I'd say january/february to be here with Vista) before anybody even mentionned that G80 was finally gonna have unified shaders.

    Yes, all the talk of unified shaders on the G80 surprised me. I'd been expecting Nvidia to go their mutant route. As is, I think they have a good card out and aren't duplicating the FX fiasco. They learned their lesson with the 6xxx series. They really did well with the 7xxx series.

    It's just that I'm an ATI fan because of their slight performance lead in video playback. Well, the All in Wonder series is no more, so I could consider Nvidia midrange.

    What I've been wondering for quite some time is this: there was a Twitch Guru mention of ATI's upcoming drivers utilizing integrated ATI graphics along with an ATI PCIe card. I know with the X200 generation, that the integrated graphics would work with a second monitor, but the promise now seems to be quite a bit more, as in physics or even adding the pixel pipelines to the mix.

    So far, I haven't been able to find any articles on it that clearly state what's being done. I'll definitely go AMD 690T, which will have extra memory for the X1250 graphics, but will the 4 pixel pipelines of the X700 work alongside an R600 GPU doing physics or providing more pixel processors?

    If that's not the case, will the promised features of integrated plus discreet graphics working together only arrive with the RS790; or whatever AMD calls the future DX10 integrated graphics?

    I guess I'm hoping for a "poor man's Crossfire" and/or ATI physics without a third card in an expensive Crossfire rig. I'd love to have some technical details, but I'm starting to see the lack of articles touting it as proof that AMD/ATI is pulling back right now and just waiting for Fusion in 2009. I'm sure then a GPU core on a multicore CPU will work alongside a discreet ATI card.

    At any rate, since I gave away a P4 630 and a quirky ASUS X200 motherboard, I've been looking forward to an X1250 board build in February. If I go that route instead of an RD600, then I can also afford an X1950 Pro AGP for my Northwood system.
  17. I don't think ATI will be sorry to hold on. The R600 is looking more and more like it is shaping up to be a really good DX10 card, but slower than the 8800 in DX9. As there's nothing out for DX10 or likely to be for many months, they'd be king of the benchmarks but noth the games, and when they come out, both ATI and Nvidia will have refreshed their ranges anyway (May 2007).
  18. That's not such a big problem, if ATI can manage oblivion at 1600 at 6aa and 16af with no drop below 30 frames then that's all they need for dx9, unless some crazy developer(valve most likely, still using shader 2(i still think their hdr looks the best)) goes and makes another dx 9 game.
  19. A) When the Bloddy H3LL is NewYear's day coming, seems like almost a whole year since the last release..... :tongue:

    B) The R600's release date has been put otu there many times, End-Jan/Early Feb.

    C) BOTH the g80 and R600 were delayed, you can make up your reasons, but the biggest is the lack of 'NEED' due to no consumer VISTA.

    D) DX9 will be the base for games for years to come, why, because Xbox, PS3, and Wii all have DX9/OGL 2 (or DX9.0C SM3.0 / OGL 2.00++) compliant parts. DX9 in the SM3.0 form will likel be the base until at least 2008, if not the majority of game until 2010. SM2.0 however might bedropped by the end of next year, just for ease of the developers, not because it can't do the job.

    All will be revealed in 2007, just ask the Magic 8 ball.


    PS, please note, Matell is evil and likes to kill US and Canadian based 8 ball sites read their cease and desist here;

    Anywhoo, the point of this post is, CHILL OUT MANG, and have some Eggnog, and go find a woman to keep you company until the R600 comes out, and if she'll stay with you after that, marry (or merry) her! :mrgreen:
  20. Killjoy... :D
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