Athlon XP 2600+ Barton Pin-Mod

I need some more voltage and the only way i can get it is by pin modding.This is a very good demo of how to do this

My question is should i do it or not?Any opinion would be apreciated.

Barton 2600+ @ 2100 1,725
1gb Syncron pc3200 3-3-3-3
Asrock k7nf2-raid
Asus 6600 GT @ 540|1200
(stock cooling for now but will upgrade is a will be able to push it some more)
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  1. I've got a 2600+ Barton too, i pin-moded mine to 1.85v (1.65v standard) when it was in a cheap and nasty PC-Chips mobo, to get it to run at a FSB of 197 (= about 2.23Ghz), but that was with a fairly decent cooler and ran at a temp of about 45C under load.

    I now have a Asus A7N8XE-Deluxe which has voltage adjustment in the BIOS, and the 2600+ is now running at 200 FSB (2.3Ghz) @ 1.8v with a temp of 49C at full load (need new fans, there getting old now lol). It will run a higher FSB but the temp gets too high for my liking so it been at 200 for about 2 years now - no probs what-so-ever (passed a 72 hour run of Prime95 with no errors etc.)

    EDIT: forgot to say, theres a better guide out on the net some where, shows you exactly which pins need bridgeing for the different types of bartons out there (they sometimes have a different standard voltage so are configured differently internaly). FOr my CPU i just had to bridge 2 pins to get 1.85v, if i find the guide i wil post it for you.
  2. 10x Gavin that's some great information, my Barton has 1.66 or 1.65 default vcore so i think it's the same i got it to 11,5*200=2300 at 1,80 with ok themps,any way if the temps get to high i'll buy a new cooler so is this how it should look ? i am not interested in the fsb,i can change that or the multi. just the vcore.I want to get it to 1,850 and i want to do it on the cpu socket not on the CPU

  3. I've had a quick look for the site i used to find out which holes in the socket to short out, but i can't find it. The site your looking at doesn't tell you which pins are already connected internally, but its easy enough to work out. First look at which pins need/are shorted at 1.65v (standard for our cpus), then look at the diagram for 1.85v. Notice the is only ONE pair of holes you need to short, not all you see in the diagram you posted.

    Hope that makes sence, proberbly not lol, but trust me you just need to short out 1 pair of holes in the socket to get 1.85v. I used 1 strand of wire out of an old IDE cable, bent it into a U shape and carefully droped it onto the two holes to be shorted out.

    I would post a pic but not sure how to lol. But if you look on your pic, theres 3 lines going \ \ \ and one going in / (to make a Y ) Its this wire you need to but in, not all 4.

    Hope it make sence for you, just wish i could fide the site, makes it much easier :)

    EDIT: forgot to say, i made a small groove for the wire to go in so the CPU will seat correctly with the wire in place. I just used a stanly knife blade to cut a V groove for the wire to sit in.
  4. Well Gavin I did it crossed my fingers and powerd up my pc and voila 1,88:)
    Oc it to 11,5x200=2300 stable with AS 5 and 55C in full load with prime 95.It's a total succes with 0 price i would recomend it to all amd and intel users with no fear at all,i just had to connect 2 pins with a copper wire that was smaller that a human haire and it worked.Good luck to all and thanx again Gavin and Nukemaster 8)
  5. Quote:
    I now have a Asus A7N8XE-Deluxe which has voltage adjustment in the BIOS, and the 2600+ is now running at 200 FSB (2.3Ghz) @ 1.8v with a temp of 49C at full load (need new fans, there getting old now lol).

    I have that board & the 2800+ but have never been able to post when I modify cpu external frequency or multiplier in the bios. Did this also happen to you until you found the right voltage? I can change the RAM's frequency to 200 and post but not the cpu external.

  6. Glad to help mate.

    In Reply to JMecc, you cant change the mulityplier on the later XP's like ours, but i could change the FSB even without extra voltage, but only to about 180.

    To start overclocking your 2800, first make sure the cpu temp is ok at default speed, no point trying to overclock if your temps are too high to begin with. You dont want to be going over about 50 - 55c at full load when its overclocked so you will need some head room to begin with.

    Right so lets say your temps are ok, first set your RAM to run 1:1 with the FSB i.e. 166Mhz (DDR 2700) so now when you over clock your ram will still be under clocked and not holding you back. Now set your FSB at 170
    and see what happens, if it doesn't boot try setting the voltage to 1.75 and try again. If that still doesn't work try updating the bios to the latest one.

    If 170 works ok, keep going up 5Mhz at a time till it becomes unstable, then knock your FSB back down to the last stable setting. If you want a higher overclock then your going to have to increase the cpu voltage (in the bios on our boards), try to keep the voltage as low as possible while still being stable, this will keep temps down and prolong the life of the cpu.

    If your like me and dont care how long it lasts or if it goes pop, just stick it to 1.85v and you should reach 2.3Ghz quite easily (mines been set to at least 1.8v and 2.23Ghz its whole life, never had a prob, its nearly 4 years old now)
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