bad motherboard or cpu

How can I tell if I have a bad MB or Processor and how can I test them.
I have a MSI RS482M4 with a athalon 64 3200 socket 939. When I power up the system I cannot get into cmos. Power supply tests good and all leads are within voltage tolerences. The cpu fan does run when I turn system on. I have tried to reset bios jumper and still no luck. When I remove all components except cpu and fan the MB beeps. When I put memory back in no more beeps. Thanks
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  1. I had the very same problem, but different setup.
    Turns out the motherboard didn't like my memory. Had to first install some other memory with which the board did properly boot. Then enter the bios and set all the settings for my other memory. Save, exit then install my other memory. Abracadabra

    Though, you'll have to get some other memory just to change the settings.
    Might work, might not.
  2. Thanks for the info. I just tried it and still no luck
  3. Quote:
    Thanks for the info. I just tried it and still no luck

    i would make sure ur mother board is not touching the case anywhere or something creating a short.. check that all the spacers are under the mother board with a screw in each hole too.. just my 4cents
  4. I took the MB out of the case and tested it. only cpu fan runs. Thanks
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