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Looking for best performance upgrade $350 can get me.

Last response: in Systems
December 19, 2006 2:32:08 PM

Greetings all. Love the site.

I'm looking to upgrade my pc and have about $350-400 to spend.

Currently my system consists of:

ASUS A8V Deluxe
AMD Athlon 64 3500+
ATI 9800Pro 128mb
2X Samsung K4H560838E-TCCC DDR 512MB PC3200 400MHZ 32X8 - OEM Bulk Version
Mad Dog MD-450WPS
Westinghouse LCM-22W2 Display
150mb/sec Sata HD

I don't want to go with a total rebuild, i'm more interrested in getting the biggest performance boost I can afford.
Early 2008 I plan on building a new system with the latest hardware, hopefully after the multi-core, DX10, and Vista smoke clears.
My main usage is gaming, Oblivion, Titan Quest, BF2, 2142, and EQ2.
LOL alot of 2's

Anyhow, I have my own idea's but would appreciate any advice you might have to offer.
Thanks in advance.
December 19, 2006 2:40:51 PM

if your gaming then you should upgrade the gfx, since your mobo only has APG slots you should get a new one as well. i cant really give you any adive on the mobo because i know jack about amd. although i think you should get a 1950xt, great card and its cheap enough for you to get a new mobo.
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December 19, 2006 3:07:35 PM

Thanks for the replies.

MB is socket 939 and AGP.

A new Gfx card is definately top priority.
December 19, 2006 3:07:58 PM

Hey. Those are some pretty intensive gfx games there.
IMHO.. $400 upgrade on something like that will not make u happy.
I knows cos i tried it too :oops: 
Honestly dood, if ure gonna get a wikkid sys in a year... get a new/2nd hand 6800GS/similar on ebay. I had one and i could live with it on Oblivion. Dont over capitalise on this. U can always get a console u know. :twisted: :twisted: And u can still use that when u get ure new sys too
December 19, 2006 3:28:45 PM

My opinion,

I wouldn't spend anything, just wait until you build a new one. But, if you must, I would go with the AGP 7800gs, with an Opteron 165 sk. 939.

That would put you with dual core, and a pretty decent graphics card for right at about $400. In gaming though, the 3500 you have will do just fine, but for other things you will notice the difference with dual core, and it might be a little more responsive if you alt esc out of games. But, the GS will do you much better than the current card you have. The dual core isn't a must, so if you want to save a little money, and can forgo the cpu upgrade, I would.

December 19, 2006 8:31:31 PM

Thanks for the ideas so far,

I'm considering a x1950Pro AGP with 512mb from Saphire or Diamond, but waiting for some reviews to come in for the new card.

Plus add another gig of DDR.
Problem with the ram is I don't think I can get the same sticks and i'm unsure of mixing two different types.
(Any advice about mixing memory would help greatly)

I know this is a dead end upgrade, but I'm just looking to be able to enjoy some good gaming between now and 08.

I definately want to see the X1950Pro's performance comparisons with other AGP cards before I buy it. Having a 9800Pro now, I have alot of Gfx card upgrade room.